Care and Maintenance

It is important to maintain a counter top because of the many ways that the tops can be damaged. Cutting with sharp utensils, using meat tenderisers and sliding ceramic objects across the surface are just a couple of ways that counter tops can be damaged.


Care and maintenance is important. Wilsonart has made a care and maintenance guide for their laminate counter tops and you can find it here:

Wilsonart Care and Maintenance

General Cleaning and Water Damage
Laminate counter tops can be easily cleaned using a soft, non-abrasive cotton cloth, with mild soap and water. Make sure all water is wiped immediately especially near mitre joints and sinks as the water can penetrate and cause the core to swell. Please see mitre care information sheet below.

Chemical Damage
Do not use cleaners containing acid, alkali or sodium hypocholorite on laminate counter tops. These products will ruin, corrode or permanently discolour the laminate. Hair and food dyes could also cause damage if not wiped up immediately. Cleaning products that should not be used on your counter tops as an example are drain cleaners, tub 'n' tile cleaners, lime scale removers, bleach, ceramic cleaners and coffee pot cleaners.

Do not use abrasive cleaners, powders or scouring pads on laminate surfaces.

Scratch Prevention
Use cutting boards. Do not chop or slice on laminate surfaces, cutting with sharp utensils will damage the surface. Use placemats for ceramic objects as they scratch the laminate.

Hot Objects
Never place hot objects such as hot pots, pans, dishes, curling irons or similar items directly on your counter top. These will scorch the counter top. We recommend using heat-resistant silicone trivets.

For additional details on laminate countertop care please see our mitre care document:

Mitre Care

Granite and Quartz

For the care and maintenance of Caesarstone quartz and granite counter tops please click here:

Caesarstone Countertop Care

A&V Countertop Care